To constantly pursuit diffusion of the culture of  peace, to achieve sustainable development and boost the call for the integration of both in order to attain stability and growth of society.



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Relief before  Dev

  •  To contribute and participate in studies, researches and international and local conferences which serve the developmental and rights aspects and to reflect that on the ground.
  • To augment the concept of partnership with local and international organizations in a way that contributes to fulfilling social sustainability and aiding people displaced due to natural and human disasters. 


It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as the Awareness Improvement   we provide communities in need. This list details a majority of our plan activities  that we need your participation in.

The Goals We pursue to implement

  • Peace
  •  Development
Life Flow Org.
For Peace & Development

Nonprofit Organization 

  • Quick Relief Process in Displaced People and Affected by War and Disasters
  • Early Recovery 
  • Awareness Diffusion 
  • Peace Diffusion
  • Sustainable Development

The Mission

We’re fortunate enough to just turn on a faucet to have access to life’s most essential ingredient:Quick Relief & Peace with Development . For many people, though, getting access to something so basic is incredibly difficult.

  •   Awareness
  •   Responsibility

  •   Efficiency
  •  Transparency
  •   Partnership

Bank Account

International Bank of Yemen

  •  To spread the culture of love and peace and social coexistence between individuals in the society.
  •  To contribute in diffusing and developing education, in coordination with the competent bodies and through the aiding programs and activities.
  • To contribute to upgrading the performance of civil society organizations and to build personal and professional competencies for individuals and societies.

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No Peace Without Development ......., No Development without Peace